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Screen printed glass mural in Astigarraga

K2 GLASS has participated in the renovation of the new Women’s Square in Astigarraga (Gipuzkoa) by manufacturing and installing a 45-metre mural   x 2.70 meters of screen-printed glass, whose figurative composition is the work of the photographer and creator Nagore Legarreta.

K2 GLASS has coordinated the installation of screen-printed glass panels and installed a new wooden structure that houses a central stage.    In the video you can see part of the process of creation of the Plaza itself and the work done from K2 Glass. 

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Tempered glass facades

SCREEN-PRINTED TEMPERED GLASS Manufacture of laminated tempered glass encapsulating a striped screen printing.


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Secured glass

K2glass has a horizontal tempering oven with the ability to process any thickness of material. The planimetry obtained in this process is excellent, both in warp and surface roughness, which facilitates the possibility of laminating glass after this process.

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Double glazing

K2Glass has a modern double glazing production line where two or more pieces of surface-prepared glass with a smooth edge are assembled, separated by an aluminium separator profile, Achieving isolating the whole from the outside offering some guarantees of isolation from external agents.

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Special laminated

K2glass also offers the possibility of manufacturing special laminated glass, with high definition inserts, achieving unique customizations for the customer.

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Automated cutting

K2Glass has several automated cutting lines that allow us to optimize the cutting process (less waste and greater accuracy).

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Stained glass windows

Variety of solutions to install stained glass in any space, both exterior and with artificial lighting.

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We work to measure Canteados, Biselados, Ingletes, Strias, Arenados, Pegados, Perforados, Cajeados, Serigrafías, Resinas, Fusing and Pintados.

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The team that makes up the K2glass staff has a high qualification and experience of more than 15 years in the sector, to offer a comprehensive solution in quality, service and price.